this is fire flames!! hot!! ouch!!! burn!!!!!!!!

fwm if you’re very confused about the direction of your life, or lack of it, but you don’t even worry about it because you still pretty as shit 

dad of the year, 2014

I was walking to get some ice cream and these group of niggas sort of looked me up & down, & one went “you know you a walking 5 bands right now bro?”

I have on a $70 button up, $30 tee, $40 pants $180 shoes with a $50 fake chain, $200 glasses, & like $7 boxers

that’s like roughly half a rack man (so if he menat the $100 type of band shout out to that nigga & his on the fly math skills) and idk why niggas even say these type of things to each other like how am i supposed to take that other than “robbing you just crossed my mind” idk man like that’s some deep shit that niggas even think that type of shit is appropriate for any situation 

long live wally moccasins